Partner 1. NM – The National Museum of Denmark

The National Museum of Denmark (NM) is the largest and oldest museum in Denmark. From its foundation in 1807 the museum has carried out research into the excavation, collection, preservation and presentation of cultural heritage from Denmark and around the world spanning from prehistory to the present day. The Department of Conservation comprises around 60 conservators, craftsmen, scientific researchers and support staff who have expertise in conservation and restoration of archaeological, historical and modern materials.

Key Persons

Dr David Gregory is a senior researcher at NM. He has researched the deterioration of archaeological materials and their in situ preservation in terrestrial and marine environments for twenty years obtaining his PhD in the deterioration of archaeological materials in marine environments in 1996. Originally trained as an analytical chemist he is a qualified commercial diver, archaeologist and maritime archaeologist but has worked predominantly with conservation science the past 15 years at NM. He has been partner in two EU projects and has coordinated several projects involving the successful completion of three PhD and two Masters Studies. He is author of more than 50 scientific publications.

Dr Henning Matthiesen is a senior researcher at NM investigating the in situ preservation of archaeological materials in wetlands and urban deposits. He has a BSc in Chemistry and Mathematics, MSc in Chemistry, and PhD in the biogeochemistry of marine sediments 1998. Prior to joining NM, he worked as an analytical chemist in industry. He is author of more than 50 scientific publications

Dr. Yvonne Shashoua is a senior researcher at NM investigating the degradation mechanisms and conservation techniques for synthetic materials. She took a first degree in industrial chemistry before working as an industrial polymer technologist for Berger Paints in England, UK. She joined the British Museum, London, UK, as a conservation scientist in 1988, specialising in the deterioration reactions and conservation of cellulose nitrate, cellulose acetate and rubber objects after 1993. In 2001 she successfully completed her PhD into the deterioration reactions associated with plasticised PVC. She has more than 70 scientific publications on conservation issues.