Partner 3 UNI – Unisense A/S

Unisense is a world leading manufacturer of microsensors and instrumentation for microscale measurement. Unisense provide high performance microsensors and complete measuring systems for a full range of applications in environmental and medical research. We are dedicated to providing researchers worldwide with excellent support and complete solutions in the laboratory as well as in the field. Unisense was established in 1998 and is largely owned by scientists. Today Unisense is composed of a dedicated team of 18 employees of which 2/3rds hold a Ph.D mainly with microbiology and engineering.

Key Persons:

Dr. Mikkel Holmen Andersen
is Chief Technology Officer at Unisense A/S and leads a team of 6 electronics and software engineers involved in designing and constructing high-end underwater datalogger and benthic measurement systems. He took a first degree in biotechnology and chemistry before successfully completing a PhD within the same field. Following a 2-year post doctoral position working with tumour vaccines in Paris, France, he joined a start-up biotech company, Borean Pharma, in Aarhus, Denmark working with several new technologies and leading these projects to proof-of-concept and eventually IPR sales. Thus, prior to joining Unisense he had been working for more than 10 years with innovation management. He is author of over 15 scientific publications and 6 patents and holds a MSc in chemistry, and PhD in protein chemistry.