Status after the first year


Initial project description.


Dissemination is an integral part of the project, both in terms of publication of the achieved scientific results and promotion of the SMEs involved in the project. In the first year dissemination has focused on creating an awareness of the project primarily within the partner’s respective fields of academia and cultural heritage in general. To this end partners have presented overviews and specific elements of the project at numerous conferences many of which will be published in the relevant conference proceedings (*).

As has been noted previously the outcomes of the project will be published in two guidelines in 2015. A seminar / workshop is also planned for the final year of the project so interested parties can hear more about the results and see the tools developed within the project. The project home page, is a key portal to the developments in the project and will be updated as significant results are achieved; photos, videos and other documentation from this year’s field work are currently being edited and will be uploaded onto the home page in the near future.


David Gregory

Confererences partners have presented at

Euromed 2012; International Conference on Cultural Heritage.
Cyprus, October 2012 (* published 2012)


Splashcos, EU COST action meeting: Offshore Industry and Archaeology: A Creative Relationship. Denmark, March 2013 (* in press)


European Science Foundation Workshop: Marine Woodborers: New Frontiers For European Waters.
Italy, April 2013


International Council of Museums 12th Conference on Waterlogged Organic Archaeological Materials.
Turkey, May 2013 (* in press)


5th Baltic Sea Region Cultural Heritage Forum: The changing coastal and maritime heritage.
Estonia, September 2013 (* forthcoming)


Splashcos, EU COST action final conference: Under the sea: Archaeology and Palaeolandscapes.
Poland, September 2013


Conference of the Australasian Institute for Maritime Archaeology: Towards Ratification, Australia’s Underwater Cultural Heritage.
Australia, October 2013 (* forthcoming)


The Nordic Conference on Maritime Archaeology.
Denmark, October 2013


EUPLOIA: Implementing Underwater Cultural Heritage ‘Best Practices’ in a Mediterranean Context.
Italy, October 2013


Danish Research Agency Conference on Horizons 2020: Present day challenges future solutions.
Denmark, October 2013