Management of the project

The successful completion of a complex project such as this requires extensive coordination and communication between the partners of the consortium. Needless to say, the numerous milestones, Gantt diagrams and report “Deliverables”, prepared as part of the project provide a good “Road Map” of where and how the project is going. The consortium have currently had two meetings – the kick off meeting in Brussels in October 2012 and the 1st consortium meeting in May 2013 in Copenhagen (Figure 44). A third meeting of the consortium meeting will take place in the early spring of 2013, coinciding with the mid-term assessment of the project.

On top of this numerous meetings have been held within the various Work Packages and at the various partner’s institutions over the first year in order to fine tune scientific goals and plan elements of equipment development and field work. This has also entailed many e-mails, phone calls and Skype meetings.


Suffice to say, it is through this good communication between partners, patience and hard work that the consortium is currently on track for the second year of work within SASMAP.


David Gregory