Partner 2 IMAR – INNOMAR Technologie GmbH

Founded in 1997 by a team of leading engineers, INNOMAR Technologie GmbH works in the field of development, production and application of efficient underwater acoustic systems, marine electronics and software. Today the main focus is on development and production of parametric sub-bottom profilers (SES-96 / SES-2000). This includes enhancements of existing products and adaption for new applications and markets as well as development of new products. Up to July 2011 more than 140 SES-96/SES-2000 parametric sub-bottom profilers have been commissioned by customers in more than 20 countries around the world. The product range also includes high-frequency sidescan sonars to complement the sub-bottom profilers as well as post-processing and visualization software.

Key Persons:

Dr Jens Wunderlich is R&D manager at INNOMAR. He received a master degree in Electrical Engineering and a PhD in Technical Acoustics from Rostock University. For more than 15 years his work and research activities have focused on underwater acoustics and digital signal processing.

Stefan Erdmann received a master degree in Electrical Engineering from Rostock University and has developed underwater acoustic equipment for more than 10 years. As senior engineer he mainly works on analogue and digital signal processing as well as software engineering.