Partner 5 SSCS – Seabed Scour Control Systems

Seabed Scour Control Systems Limited (SSCS) was established in 1984 to provide Frond Scour Protection Systems and Services to the Offshore Subsea Oil and Gas Industry. Following an intensive period of product development and on site trials by SSCS and major Offshore Oil and Gas companies, the SSCS Frond Systems were first put to commercial use at new and existing oil and gas development sites in 1986. These first applications to protect pipelines in the southern sector of the UK North Sea evolved quickly both in terms of the number of pipelines protected, the number of sites at which the SSCS Frond Systems were installed worldwide and the range of applications to include the Protection of Jack-up Drill Rigs, Subsea Structures, Platforms, Umbilicals and Cables. SSCS also performs Site Scour Assessment Studies which can be for specific projects related to existing and planned installations, and can provide the basis for the development of maintenance programmes and procedures.

Key Persons:

Mr. Brian Smith Managing Director

Mr Robert Rurgess Business Development Director