Partner 8 RCE – Cultural Heritage Agency

With the fusion of the ROB (Archaeology), the RdmZ (Built Heritage) and the ICN (Dutch owned art collection and research services), the Cultural Heritage Agency (RCE) of the Netherlands, is part of the ministry of Education, Culture and Science (OCW). It has expertise in the field of movable and immovable cultural heritage, all being combined in one institute, and also covers landscape research. The RCE employs approximately 300 people.

Key Persons:

Martijn Manders: Senior maritime archaeologist and head of the maritime programme at RCE. Martijn has been working in maritime archaeology since 1990. His specialisms are in situ preservation, monitoring and Underwater Cultural Heritage management. On these subjects he has published almost 100 articles and books.

Menne Kosian: Senior Researcher Spatial Analyses Landscapes. Menne is an expert in mapping the historical environment and publishes regularly on this theme including the submerged maritime landscape.

Bertil van Os: Senior Researcher degradation processes and maintaining preservation of the inorganic archaeological resource. Bertil has published numerous articles on in situ preservation of the archaeological remains and degradation processes. Bertil has a specific interest in the preservation capacities of remains in the marine sediments.