Partner 4 AKUT

AKUT is a small enterprise that has provided technically unique solutions to a number of well-known Danish museums and private corporations since 1996. The main focus has been computer managed interactive intermediation using video, light, audio and physical models (e.g. seabed model) in various combinations. Usually AKUT is involved in the whole process from idea, through production and installation, to documentation and training of customers. The customers are primarily obtained through recommendations from existing customers.
AKUT has a very broad network of large and smaller enterprises and has access to expertise in the areas of programming and development of electronic and mechanical components.

Key Persons:

Mr. Robert Pedersen has been working with intermediation through AV and IT for more than 30 years, starting in the sector for education, and for the past 15 years as the owner of AKUT. He is educated in the fields of teaching, electronics and computers. He is a qualified advanced diver.

Dr. Poul Jensen obtained an MSc in forestry from The Royal University of Agriculture of Denmark 1976 and a PhD in diffusion and sorption in waterlogged wood 1996. He worked with FAO, The Technological Institute of Denmark. Head of The Section for Conservation of Waterlogged Archaeological Materials at the National Museum of Denmark from 1989 to 2001 and was employed as senior scientist, responsible for the research activities of the section, until 2011 before joining Akut. Main areas of research have been: impregnation, sorption, freeze drying, mathematical modeling of conservation, deterioration processes and in situ preservation.